PIEZO WS- FB (2)Within the frame of Transmediale CTM Festivals Vorspiel, Labor Neunzehn presents:
“Piezoelectricity: from Transduction to Transmediality

A workshop by Viola Yip”

Feb 2-3, 2023
Labor Neunzehn
Kiefholzstraße 19/20, hinterhof, 4.OG
12435 Berlin

Admission: 25€, workshop materials included.
LINK FOR TICKET: https://bit.ly/3H4iRWs


Piezos (piezoelectric ceramic discs) have been widely used among artists, instrument builders and makers alike, ranging from using it as a speaker, a microphone to a sensor. The piezoelectricity of the discs turn mechanical energy, such as pressure and sound, into electricity. While it scientifically is a process of transduction, which converts from one form of energy to another; it affords artists to make connections across media in their work.

This workshop will first investigate various kinds of piezoelectric materials and delve into the principles of piezoelectricity. The second part of the workshop will focus on making Rochelle salt, a piezoelectric crystal, on site. Through understanding the inner workings of piezo crystals and a hands-on making process, the workshop aims to create an initial road map for possible uses of piezo crystals, and facilitate an in-depth artistic discussion and exchange on multifaceted meanings that emerged from piezoelectricity as well as its affordances for transmedial art making.

**This workshop is made for adventurous beginners who like to explore the use of piezo crystals in artistic practices, as well as professionals who are keen on revisiting the process of piezo making and engaging a further discussion in transmedial art.

***Participants are welcomed to bring one existing work that incorporates piezos of any form, for show-and-tell purposes.

Admission: 25€, workshop materials included


Viola Yip is an experimental composer, performer, improviser, sound artist and instrument builder. She has been interested in creating new self-built instruments and sound works in the intersection of composition, performance, improvisation and sound art, exploring various relationships between media, materiality, space and our musical bodies in experimental music.Her instruments and sound performances have been presented in music festivals and venues such as Issue Project Room (NYC), The New School (NYC), Look and Listen Festival (NYC), CNMAT at UC Berkeley (Berkeley), CCRMA at Stanford University, Center for New Music (SF), Constellation (Chicago), Cycling ‘74 Expo, Hong Kong Arts Center (HK), Klex Festival (Kuala Lumpur), Sonic Arts Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast (UK), QO-2 (Brussels), Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Kunst Station Sankt Peter (Köln), A L’arme! Festival (Berlin), DARA String Festival (Berlin), Seanaps Festival (Leipzig), Festival für Immaterielle Kunst (Hamburg), Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (Karlsruhe) and Pinakothek der Moderne (München).She recently received an Honorary Mention from Giga-Hertz-Preis 2021 at ZKM, Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta stipendium in Munich as well as an residency at Studios für Elektroakustische Musik, Akademie der Künste Berlin.

transmediale and CTM’s Vorspiel is a program of distributed partner events in the field of digital art and culture and experimental sound and music, where a variety of partner venues invite local and international audiences to a series of exhibition openings, performances, interventions, artist talks and special events across the city of Berlin.

The Vorspiel program was established in 2011, then called DAS Weekend.  In each of the past ten editions, over 60 project spaces, galleries and independent cultural actors have curated and organized a rich program of exhibitions, workshops and performances. Vorspiel is meant to be a program for the city of Berlin, connecting different genres and practices for creating opportunities of common exchange and reflection and for bringing together communities and individuals which are dealing with art, technology, politics and identity in a critical way, while also seeking to strengthen the dialog with the two festivals. To create this link, the Vorspiel program will take place before and during both festivals from 20 January until 5 February 2023.

Labor Neunzehn is an artist-run space in Berlin engaged in a multidisciplinary discourse that involves expanded cinema, modern music, publishing, and the critical reflection in media art. Besides the regular use for work purposes, the atelier is employed on an irregular basis as an independent curatorial platform and a non-profit space for the production and the presentation of artistic projects, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and collaborative research work across disciplines.

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