Labor Neunzehn in collaboration with transmediale 2018 face value and Rhizome presents a workshop dedicated to Webrecorder tool. Webrecorder is a web archiving service anyone can use for free to archive web pages, along with any additional content triggered by interactions. In order to participate to the workshop, please register in advance via Eventbrite here.

Webrecorder: Web Archiving for All!
with: Lozana Rossenova and Labor Neunzehn
Thu 01.02.,
11:00 – 14:00
K2 / HKW

How are the value of the Internet and all our interactions within it preserved over time? The answer to this question is usually left for corporations to formulate, but in this workshop you will be introduced to an innovative and accessible tool for user-driven web archiving, with which data can be both collectively shared and stored by individuals. Participants will receive a quick overview of key web archiving concepts and the Webrecorder tool, an open-source project developed by Rhizome at the New Museum, New York. Unlike previous, crawler-based web archiving systems, Webrecorder excels at capturing dynamic web content and social media feeds. Participants will learn how to use Webrecorder.io‘s main features and witness a demonstration of how to download and open web archive (WARC) files using the Webrecorder Player.

Before the workshop participants are encouraged to read this introductory blog post: www.dpconline.org/blog/webrecorder-blog, and go to webrecorder.io to sign up for a free account.

Requirements: Please bring your own laptop. Recommended minimum screen resolution 1440×900. Chrome or Firefox browsers installed in advance. The workshop is open to a number of max. 20 participants.

Webrecorder.io is a project of Rhizome.
This workshop is presented in cooperation with Labor Neunzehn.

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