Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____

“All Sources are Broken” A Post-digital Reading Group


:: June 8, 16:00-18:00 CET ::
“We create parallel narratives starting from the reading and rereading paths contributed by the users”.

Labor Neunzehn is glad to announce our participation at Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____, the transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism, with the workshop “All Sources Are Broken. A Post-digital Reading Group“.
The workshop is open to all! You can subscribe at the following link and join remotely



Where does the networking purpose of hyperlinks actually starts in offline texts? What happens to the text when we decide to explore the hyperlinks and the online media resources which are there referenced? We all use the Internet every day to retrieve tons of information, without paying too much attention to the sources. In this workshop we will try to radically connect web-search with reading strategies. All Sources Are Broken is an internet-based-project developed by Labor Neunzehn: an artistic experiment and a collaborative re-archival practice, which presents itself as an open access WCMS for the investigation of the hypertext space in post-digital books. By exploring the text through multimedia content, the website enables a contextual cross-referencing between books, citations and online data. This way, ASAB aims at expanding books content while keeping track, at the same time, of hyperlinks obsolescence.

Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____ will be live radio broadcasted. Tune in on Festival’s website at


About Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021

Soon 20-year-old Pixelache Helsinki, a transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism, explores this summer collapse from psychological, social and environmental perspective as well as developing resilience. Week-long festival consists of localised FM radio, online streams, media art, lectures, haircuts, experimental home cooking, among many others.

Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2021 #Burn____, co-directed by artist-organiser Andrew Gryf Paterson and author Laura Gustafsson, takes place this year with limited access in selected spaces inside Oodi Central Library in Helsinki and outside the front canopy of Oodi, as well as online, from the 6th to the 13th of June 2021. The theme of the festival #Burn____, anticipated in late summer 2019, sets the context of the festival contributions, reflecting on mental health, social solidarity and struggle as well as on ecological crisis.

After a year of excessive screen-based meetings, the festival re-adopts one of the oldest media forms at physical distance from another – radio – seems to be the idea of making a festival event with local and international contributors in consideration of mobility and gathering restrictions. With the established experience of hybrid radio, Pixelache brings a localised listening mix of audio works from two open calls, a live radio stream of festival events especially made or adapted for radio, emerging sound artists, podcasts, and interviews with festival artists and contributors. During the festival, the public can interact with a local FM radio broadcasting around Oodi. Bring Your Own Radio (BYOR) to listen, and if you like a blanket or picnic!