DATE: 25 November 2018 // DOORS: 17:30 // CONCERT: 18:00


Labor Neunzehn is glad to introduce the second to last concert of this years series. In this occasion we will present the work by the composer Kaj Duncan David with the text of Martin Lau, originally commissioned by the ensemble mosaik for an instrumental group, reduced and revised for this concert to a new voice and electronics version. The event, guest-curated in collaboration with Passepartout Duo, will also involve a performance of the American experimental musician Caleb Salgado, combining structural aspects of drone, New Age and ambient musics as well as free improvisation, automated sequencing, organic and inorganic processes.

Concert programme:

Caleb Salgado
Perfect Deleted Future (“pdf”)


Kaj Duncan David [*1988]
formula for escaping the logic of the trap (2017) – Premiere
for voice and electronics
text by Martin Lau

Caleb Salgado (electronics)
Kaj Duncan David (electronics)
Martin Lau (voice)


This concert is kindly supported by Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Berlin-Treptow.


FREE ENTRANCE but registration required
or email to cluster[at]laborneunzehn[dot]org

Cluster” is a music series devoted to sound investigation with a particular focus on contemporary languages, new music and extended techniques. “Cluster” supports the collaborative work and aims to offer an exchange platform for musicians, composers and electronic music performers in Berlin-Treptow.




Caleb Salgado
Caleb Salgado is an American experimental musician, bassist and multi-instrumentalist. He performs regularly with ensemble proton bern, Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Ensemble Garage, soundinitiative, the Lucerne Festival Academy, and is a guest with Ensemble Intercontemporain, Musik Fabrik, Asko|Schönberg Ensemble, the Netherlands Philharmonic, et al. Releases on col legno, wergo, accentus. klarthe/harmonia mundi. Texts appear in SAND Zeitschrift (5/7).


Kaj Duncan David
Kaj Duncan David (*1988) is active somewhere between notated composition, electroacoustic music and audiovisual performance.
Light as a totally integrated musical voice plays a central role in much of his work.
He creates solo and ensemble works, as well as installations and performances.
Using electronic and acoustic instruments, computers, lights and video in careful scenic dispositions. Exploring the possibility of a point where interrelated visual and sonic materials become a single musical gestalt.
He also devises experimental music theatre and creates audiovisual situations for dance in collaborative settings.Festivals and institutions that have presented his work include: Münchener Biennale [Munich], Manifeste [Paris], Maerzmusik [Berlin], Rainy Days [Luxembourg], Ultima [Oslo], CYCLE [Reykjavík], Darmstädter Ferienkürse für Neuen Musik [Darmstadt], Klang [Copenhagen], SPOR [Aarhus],The Kitchen [New York], SESC Pompéia [São Paulo], Cafe Oto [London], IAC [Malmö], ZKM [Karlsruhe], HEK [Basel] and Akademie der Künste [Berlin].


Martin Lau
Martin Lau (*1984) is a berlin-based soundpoet, vocal improviser and graphic artist, who is exploring language as impulse and material, its variety, boundaries & conditions. After having studied literature & performance studies he published a volume of poetry in 2010, soon to focus on the performative & sonic side of poetry. In his energetic live-performances he digs deep in the acoustics of the mouth. His visual work is based on minimal scriptural gestures, examining the dynamics between self, sign & world.He has released two solo voice CDs and numerous collaborative recordings in the fields of soundpoetry, free improv and noise. He performs and exhibits internationally.


Passepartout Duo
Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have sought to revitalize the forms and practice of contemporary music through immersive events, compelling music videos, and interdisciplinary projects that emphasize blurring cultural and aesthetic borders.Striving to be catalysts for the global mobility of art and artists, Nicoletta Favari (piano) & Christopher Salvito (percussion) have taken the works of emerging and established composers all over the world. They complement the existing and commissioned repertoire with their own original compositions often taking inspiration from their travels. Creating compelling films that document their interpretations and compositions, they seek to showcase contemporary classical music in accessible formats through online videos.While they are proudly self-sufficient in their management, recording, filming, and touring activities, the duo is also always eager to create collaborations across disciplines.Their enthusiastic globetrotting has been made possible with the support of countless artist residencies that have provided them access to platforms in rural and urban locations around the world. The Duo has also presented their work at a variety of music festivals including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), the Havana Contemporary Music Festival (CU), the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival (US), the Dark Music Days Festival (IS), and the Summartónar Festival (FO).