After the first workshop about the project “All Sources Are Broken” in the context of the conference “Urgent Publishing”, organized by Institute of Network Cultures, ArtEz University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy in Holland, Labor Neunzehn will re-propose the workshop “All Sources are Broken: A Post-Digital Reading Group” for Transmediale Vorspiel.


DATE: 25 Januar 2020 // WORKSHOP SCHEDULE:   3-7 PM



Where does the networking purpose of hyperlinks actually starts in offline texts? What happens to the text when we decide to explore the hyperlinks and the online media resources which are there referenced? We all use the Internet every day to retrieve tons of information, without paying too much attention to the sources. In this workshop we will try to radically connect research with reading strategies. Participants will receive a quick overview of digital archival best practices and dive into ASAB, a web-based application and an artist experiment about books, hyperlinks obsolescence and reading strategies developed by Labor Neunzehn. The project considers how hypertext and print already coexist (as opposed to one superseding the other), through a navigable archive of collected reference material that visitors can both navigate and shape themselves. Participants will learn how to create a profile and use ASAB’s main backend features to cross-reference book citations and online media sources. We will be reading books together, just like in a reading group, but gradually shifting from the material to the digital world, in order to explore the deferred space between offline and online, its delay and decay.

Labor Neunzehn is an artist and curator duo engaged in a multidisciplinary discourse that involves expanded cinema, music composition, publishing, and critical reflection in media art, with a specific reference to the migration of these languages between the online and the offline domain. Labor Neunzehn is run by Valentina Besegher and Alessandro Massobrio, and based in the homonym project space in Berlin since 2015.


Project link:

Report about the workshop by Silvio Lorusso

Materials and requirements: Participants are required to bring their own laptops with Chrome or Firefox browsers installed in advance.

For whom: students, designers, developers, artists, writers, publishers and researchers who want to experiment with new forms of hybrid publishing.

DATE: 25 Januar 2020 // WORKSHOP SCHEDULE:   3-7 PM


Attendance limit: 15.
Price: € 5

Labor Neunzehn