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Labor Neunzehn is thrilled to collaborate with Fracto and Coversas Berlin for a get-together and all analog screening on JUNE 24 at ACUD Kunsthaus

Fracto get-together

In connection with the crowdfunding campaign, we are showcasing a number of activities to remind you what Fracto Experimental Film Encounter is about and how much it means to us.
In these rough times for independent filmmaking, we would like to have you close, so that we can share our ideas, and reassert what film means to us and how we would like it to see go forward.
We are inviting all filmmakers, habitué, and friends to join us for a breezy day-long event with film screenings, talks, music, and refreshments open-air.



17:00 Opening
ACUD Backyard
In the backyard, we will have an independent publishing stand that will show and explore the imaginary border between visual art, moving image, science, experimental music. A selection of books and printed objects curated by Labor Neunzehn w/ Occulto Magazine, Conversas and AVARIE.
ACUD Studio
Conversas will be hosting its 54th meet-up presenting three guest speakers
or this event, we have invited the following Conversadores :

Giuliana Prucca – AVARIE , who will talk about independent publishing as an artistic practice.
Giuseppe Boccassini, that will present filming as an independent form of Resistance
Jérémie Pujau will talk about his last film that blends the narratives of these 19 female experimental musicians and charts their musical journey through their individual experiences and challenges, which led them to Berlin to embrace a scene which offers them little chance of financial reward or mainstream success.

Conversas is a series of informal meetings made so that we can get to know and discuss projects and interests. It has been around since 2016 and we have organised more than 50 events so far.
ACUD Backyard


ACUD Studio
Fracto presents an all analog screening curated by Giuseppe Boccassini.
A program on classic found footage film focusing on the essential quality of seeing. An experience that places the viewer on the threshold between the vertiginous disposition to film perceived as an act of exteriority, nonhuman attraction, autonomous force, and the intellectual wonder in observing its mechanism.

Al Razutis LUMIERE’S TRAIN VISUAL ESSAYS N°1 (Canada, 1979, 7′ 30, 16mm, sound)

David Rimmer BRICOLAGE (Canada, 1985, 10′ 00, 16mm, sound)

Malcolm Le Grice BERLIN HORSE (UK, 1970, 9′ 00, 16mm, sound)

Chris Gallagher MIRAGE (Canada, 1983, 7′ 00, 16mm, sound)

David Rimmer VARIATIONS ON A CELLOPHANE WRAPPER (Canada, 1970, 8′ 00, 16mm, sound)

TICKETS: fractofilm.com/Spinning-Marvel

All films are distributed by Light Cone
ACUD Studio – Backyard


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FRACTO is an annual film festival taking place in Berlin that promotes the recognition and relevance of avant-garde and experimental film practices.
After six enthusiastic editions, we would like to strengthen our position within the community and affirm once again our take on experimental cinema. The generous feedback and assiduous attendance we have received since 2017 suggest to us that we have made a mark in the local scene and within an international community. NOW THE FESTIVAL IS AT RISK OF DISAPPEARING and we are calling on you to support and endorse us kindly with a generous contribution!

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