Félix Blume - Making Of, Son Seul / Wild Tracks

Félix Blume – Making Of, Son Seul / Wild Tracks


Making Of, Son Seul / Wild Tracks

“Félix Blume is a sound engineer for the movies. Like many of his colleagues, he spends hours after the shooting, recording “lonely sounds”. They are called lonely because they don’t have a synchronous image, but it could also come from the fact that the engineer is lonely, away from the bustling sounds of the team, busy finding noises and atmospheres typical to the location, that will enrich the future film editing. It is from these expectations and obstination that an outside ear could find strange or funny, that Félix Blume got the idea to create these short films.”

Étienne Noiseau – Syntone.fr


Félix Blume is born in the South of France in 1984. He studied Sound in Toulouse and in the famous cinema school INSAS in Brussels. He has mainly worked as a sound engineer for independent documentaries and with some video-artists. He spends his time between Europe and Mexico and travels around the world for his shootings. He records sounds during his trips and shares them on the internet, mostly on Freesound and Soundcloud.
He also works on personnal ‘sound creations’, turning his sounds into “sonic postcards” & soundscapes broadcasted by ARTE Radio (Fr), Phaune Radio (Fr), Radio Grenouille (Fr), Kunst Radio (Au).


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