Live streaming, March 3rd 7PM GMT+1

All Sources are Broken
website launch
Labor Neunzehn is glad to present www.allsourcesarebroken.netbeta release, officially online from the 3rd of March 2017 at 7.30PM UTC+1.

Before the website launch a live mixing video presentation will be streamed on as a part of the Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel programme.

Tune in at 5GMT+1 (Berlin Time). The streaming starts around 6PM.


What is All Sources are Broken?

All Sources Are Broken is an internet-based-project developed by Labor Neunzehn.

ASAB is both an artistic experiment and a collaborative re-archival practice, which presents itself as an open access WCMS for the investigation of the hypertext space in post-digital books. By exploring the text through multimedia content, the website enables a contextual cross-referencing between books, citations and online data. This way, ASAB aims at expanding books content while keeping track, at the same time, of hyperlinks obsolescence.

In the next future ASAB aims at expanding from www to publishing, allowing HTML to PDF conversion, interactive layout and online print.

Everyone is invited to edit, explore and contribute.


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